Bamboo Shoots Curry

100 Gram chicken cut into small pieces 1 Stalk lemon grass
750 CC caned coconut milk 3 Fragrant lime leaves
2,5 Cm ginger, peeled, sliced 2 Tablespoon vegetable oil
4 Cloves garlic Salt to taste
6 Pcs shallots Pepper to taste
1 Tablespoon palm sugar 3 Cm galangal
1 Pcs red Chili without seeds, fried 2 Salam leaves
2,5 Cm turmeric, peeled, fried 15 Fresh asian red basilica leaves
100 Gram drained canned bamboo shoot 1 Pcs Cloves
30 Gram tofu 2 Cm tamarin
1/2 Teaspoon coriander seeds

Cooking instructions:

1. Blend all the ingredients until turn into paste, accept lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal and ginger.

2. In fry pan placed two-spoon vegetable oil and paste stir over low heat until the color turn into golden. Add lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal and ginger, sugar, pepper.

3. Add chicken and stir, pour coconut milk simmer a few minutes until the chicken tender.
4. Add bamboo shoots, turn down the heat and simmer to reduce the sauce. If it becomes too thick, add a little water or more coconut milk
5. When chicken is cooked and sauce is desire consistency, add tofu. Remove from the heat and stir in red basil leaves.