International PROJECTS

As part of this program two representatives of the Ladybamboo Foundation have been participating on the Expert Meeting for the Implementation of the Young Digital Creators Programme (28-30 April 2003, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris).

We concentrate our participation on the ongoing project on three subjects. For your better understanding we not only add some resource links to those topics here, but we also show some photos from the event. Keep posted, more is coming!

It is also our great pleasure to announce the official launch of the UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2003:
The award is co-organized by the Digi-Arts Portal team and IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan ( This year, the prize is especially dedicated to the theme of "Digital Pluralism" in anticipation that digital technology and artistic creativity could highly promote intercultural dialogue. In support of young emerging digital artists around the world, we have also arranged the first prize winner to benefit from the 6-months artist-in-residence programme of IAMAS. For further details, please visit the official website for call-for-work at: Hurry up with your proposals, deadline for proposals is already in July 2003.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

Atlas of the world’s Languages in danger of disappearing

Sustainable development of Water

Water Portal

UN World Water Development Report

HIV Aids and Discrimination

HIV/AIDs Portal

One theme - Multiplex agenda - Holistic approach
UNESCO's strategy for HIV/AIDS preventive education

UNESCO Meeting YDC 04-2003

Reki (Bali) and Julia (Minsk) Lambert and Jove (Macedonia) Ravikant (Dehli) Reki
Ravikant and Julia Julia and Reki Reki, Julia, Nick (Toronto), Lambert and Jove
Tereza, Susann (Unesco),Mohammad Ali (Dhacca), Nguyen (Ho-Chi Minh City), Rosen (Sofia) and Teemu (Helsinki) Taking snapshots Proposal esentials

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